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A journey to remember, and a glorious bride she is. The atmosphere and the beautiful bridesmaids. Everything about this wedding was God-breathed. There was a true peace all over.

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Joshua & Lauren: A tale of an Afro Canadian Nuptial.

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Step glowing and wearing the lash style 'Jaja', from our MKP X Janiece Lash Collection

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MKP X Janiece Reloaded Campaign: Beautiful Leshur wearing the lash style 'Iconic' which will make a statement with your looks.

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MKP X Janiece Reloaded Campaign: When the squad hits the studio you know it's about to be fireworks.

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MKP X Janiece Reloaded Campaign: Naturally Leah wearing the lash style in 'Jaja', a bustle lash style for the everyday natural girl. 

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"You're going to have to step out of your comfort zone loads of times and I promise you, you'll be amazed at what you're able to do. " - @elah_bee

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Hey Fam, bookings officially resume in May 2022!

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I'm often asked, "how do I get my makeup to look flawless?"And to that I often respond, "quality brushes do half the work if you want flawless makeup"

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I can't sit still!!!! The limited edition @mkpxjaniece collection is finally here!!! Introducing the most versatile lash styles yet, in very limited quantities!

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Special shout out to our offline and online family for the WhatsApp messages / calls, purchases and in studio bookings. We're so grateful for your support even all the way from Qatar! Happy New Month MKPFAM

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A beautiful 🇨🇦 x 🇬🇭 love story, between AB and Martha.

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